The Jones Institute Strain/Counterstrain release technique is both a diagnostic tool and an extremely effective, painless method of treating strains, sprains, functional mal-alignment, tension headaches, fibromyalgia and other causes of acute and chronic pain.

Strain/Counterstrain, or ‘positional release’, is a gentle, hands-on treatment designed to restore motion, balance and health. By placing the body in positions of least tension or strain — which usually relate to positions of greatest comfort — and maintaining these positions long enough for the tissues to slacken and revert back to their original length.

During the treatment procedure, the tissue is ‘released’ — causing relaxation that allows areas of inflammation trapped within the tissue to dissipate. Following this release there is an immediate reduction of pain and tension in the tissue.

Strain/Counterstrain helps the body achieve balance by assisting it into the direction of ease and finding positions of comfort, rather than directing and pushing the body into positions based on their apparent ‘anatomically correct’ position.
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