Bonnie Kitchens, PTA
Physical Therapy Assistant Bonnie Kitchens has served patients at Lindemann's for over 20 years, helping them achieve their goals of reducing physical limitations in their home, work and recreational activities. She is also experienced in Strain/Counterstrain Release treatment, and has seen many patients benefit from it, even when other techniques have not produced satisfactory results.


Alicia Reynolds, PTA
With over 13 years experience, Physical Therapy Assistant Alicia Reynolds helps our patients with a full range of therapy and treatment, including the Strain/Counterstrain Release method. Alicia has a background in skilled nursing and acute care, and is experienced in patient care coordination, assuring that each patient receives the specific care they need throughout the term of their treatment.


Specializing in Strain/Counterstrain Release

A gentle, hands-on treatment approach designed to restore motion, balance and health by placing the body in positions of least tension or strain.