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Important news: Name Change — Lindemann Physical Therapy is now Providence Physical Therapy.

We provide a unique physical therapy approach that involves the diagnosis and treatment of movement impairment syndromes, injury prevention and the promotion of fitness, health and wellness.

We integrate the principles of the Jones Institute Strain/Counterstrain Release technique along with traditional physical therapy methods to optimize movement, function, and physical performance regardless of your starting point or end goal.

Our mission is to serve our patients in a professional, competent, respectful and honest environment. As a result, we have earned a solid reputation in the greater Dayton area, and continually strive to improve our efforts. We presently employ over 15 professional and support staff that are all highly qualified, and fully committed to the best care possible.

Specializing in Strain/Counterstrain Release

A gentle, hands-on treatment approach designed to restore motion, balance and health by placing the body in positions of least tension or strain.